The Return of ‘Tremors in the Force’


Creative Commons License photo credit: Jesse757

Back in the day, JediNet used to offer a regular newsletter entitled “Tremors in the Force” featuring Star Wars related news and rumors. Alas, the prequel storm has quieted down since those early years, and the need for such a thing isn’t there anymore. Also, the idea of an email newsletter is arguably out of fashion. However, we are now once again prepared to provide Star Wars fans with the latest news and updates. The circle is now complete.

“Tremors” is back.

We here at JediNet still want to be your source for Star Wars news and information on the internet. To that end, JediNet is pleased to announce the return of “Tremors in the Force” in the form of a news section on the site that can be found at Simply click on “News” in the navigation bar above.

You’ll notice that “Tremors” takes the form of a news dashboard providing you with the latest top headlines from numerous sources like Google News and Digg; and even multimedia sources like Youtube and Flickr. We’ll keep tweaking “Tremors” to ensure you’re getting timely and quality headlines. So you might notice a few changes here and there as time goes on.

Why are we doing this? The way information is consumed these days, you need immediate and at-a-glance access to news. “Tremors” gives us a way to keep you informed with the latest happenings while allowing the main page at JediNet to focus on written content and the more interesting side of the Star Wars universe.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new feature, and feedback is welcomed.


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