Star Wars has joined TikTok in true Kenobi style


Star Wars has joined TikTok at long last – and in keeping with the franchise’s style.

Perhaps one of the most famous memes from all of Star Wars is Obi-Wan Kenobi’s signature ‘Hello there’. It’s so well-known that Ewan McGregor reprised it once more in the Kenobi TV show on Disney+.

That means that Kenobi has said the line on three separate occasions, twice by McGregor and once by Alec Guinness. Star Wars therefore celebrated its introduction to TikTok with a quick compilation of all three instances.


These are your first steps. ANewHope, RevengeoftheSith, and #ObiWanKenobi are now streaming on Disney+.

♬ original sound – Star Wars

The caption of the video also paid tribute to the sequel trilogy, which doesn’t feature Kenobi and therefore wasn’t included in the compilation, reading: “These are your first steps.”

This references the line spoken once again by Kenobi, but to Rey as she starts to grapple with her skill in the Force. It’s basically one big homage to some of Kenobi’s best moments and, as one of the most well-loved characters in the franchise, it’s a good choice for entering the world of TikTok, where popular phrases get absolutely beaten to death.

No other videos have been posted to the channel yet, but other channels have been quick to greet Star Wars, including Marvel Entertainment, Disney Studios, and Forza Horizon. The video has also amassed 1.8 million views in just one day after being posted.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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