Star Wars’ opening crawl will return in future films


Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that one of Star Wars’ most iconic elements will return in future films.

Star Wars movies are well-known for their goofy but lovable transitions, but also the dramatic opening crawl. With the memorable soundtrack alongside an introduction to the action you’re about to see, the crawl goes so hand in hand with the franchise that movies without it did feel as though they were missing something.

As such, it might come as a relief to find that, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, Kennedy has confirmed that the opening crawls would return, at least for the film set 15 years after The Rise of Skywalker and starring Daisy Ridley.

“The crawl’s coming back,” said Kennedy, adding that “the crawl is for movies” rather than for TV shows as well.

Previously, all nine of the Skywalker Saga entries featured the crawl, but it wasn’t used in spin-off projects like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story. This suggests that Ridley’s film will be a continuation of the Skywalker Saga (in line with her final declaration in Episode IX), as it wasn’t confirmed whether the crawl would feature in the other Star Wars films on the horizon.

Featured image: Lucasfilm


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