Sunday, September 24, 2023

Star Wars Animated Series

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars

From Sci Fi Wire:Robot Spoofs Star Wars Seth Green and Matthew Senreich, creators of Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken, will develop Robot Chicken: Star Wars, a 30-minute stop-motion animation special directed by Green for the network's Adult Swim programming block, according...

Revenge of the Ewok

WARNING: this contains scenes of grisly Ewok violence. If you are sensitive to this, please forget what you just saw. Just in time for Friday 13th, Yahoo Underground featured the Star Wars photo collection of Bonnie Burton of Lucasfilm.BRAD:So....

Emails to the Empire’s Worst Engineer

For your amusement, a series of email messages by your favorite Star Wars bad guys to the Empire's worst engineer. Ever. Found on SomethingAwful:Subject Trash Compactor From Death Star Detention Level Janitor <oldrosc[email protected]> Date A Long Time Ago 7:46 PM To Nardo...

The Immediate Future of Star Wars Gaming

Nancy MacIntyre of LucasArts sheds light on some upcoming projects at LucasArts. Most noteworthy: the continuation of the KOTOR and Battlefront series, and game tie-ins to the Star Wars animated as well as live-action TV more | digg story