What Is the Best Lightsaber in Jedi: Fallen Order?


In Jedi: Fallen Order, the lightsaber is not only a weapon but also a symbol of the Jedi Order’s power and legacy. The game offers several different lightsaber customization options, including different hilts, colours, and abilities. While each lightsaber configuration has its strengths and weaknesses, the “best” lightsaber ultimately depends on the player’s preferred playstyle and personal preferences.

That being said, there are a few lightsaber configurations that are widely considered to be among the strongest in the game. Here are some of the most popular:

Double-Bladed Lightsaber

How to unlock the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order double bladed Lightsaber early | GamesRadar+

One of the most iconic lightsaber configurations in the Star Wars universe, the double-bladed lightsaber is a popular choice in Jedi: Fallen Order for its versatility and high damage output. It allows players to switch between single-bladed and double-bladed modes on the fly, providing options for both close-range and long-range combat. Additionally, the double-bladed lightsaber has a special ability that allows players to perform a powerful spin attack, which can take out multiple enemies at once.

Dual-Wielded Lightsabers

Constructing a Lightsaber (or two) in Trying Times. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - YouTube

Another popular lightsaber configuration is dual-wielding, which allows players to equip two lightsabers simultaneously. This configuration is best for players who prefer a more aggressive, up-close fighting style, as it allows for fast, rapid strikes that can overwhelm enemies quickly.

Protection and Defense Lightsaber

My Old Republic inspired lightsaber from my NG+ in Jedi: Fallen Order. Thoughts? : r/StarWars

For players who prefer a more defensive playstyle, the Protection and Defense lightsaber configuration is a strong choice. This configuration allows players to block incoming attacks more effectively and provides a boost to their overall defence. Additionally, the Protection and Defense lightsaber has a special ability that allows players to perform a powerful push attack, which can knock enemies back and create distance between the player and their opponents.

In addition to the above lightsaber configurations, players can also customise their lightsabers with different colours, materials, and attachments. These customisation options not only make the lightsaber unique to the player but can also provide additional benefits in combat. For example, some attachments can increase the player’s lightsaber damage, while others can increase the amount of force power they have available.

Ultimately, the best lightsaber configuration in Jedi: Fallen Order is one that is tailored to the player’s individual preferences and playstyle. Players should experiment with different configurations and attachments to find what works best for them. Additionally, it’s important to note that the lightsaber is not the only weapon available in the game, and players can also use blasters, grenades, and other tools to take down enemies. By mastering a variety of combat techniques and utilizing all available resources, players can become formidable Jedi warriors in Jedi: Fallen Order.

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