Didn’t attend Star Wars Celebration 2023? Here’s what it was like


If you weren’t one of the 30,000 people in attendance at Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, here’s what it was like to be on the ground.

There’s no denying that being on your feet to meet Star Wars celebrities, show off your cosplay, and queue for panels and events throughout the day is fun. However, no matter how much it might exhaust you, the overwhelming verdict is that it’s energy well spent.

Plus, you’ll have amusing sights like this one to cheer you up even at your lowest point of the day…


no theyre truly iconic this was the best part of the day #starwarcelebration#swce2023#starwars#comicon#andor


In general, cosplayers made up a huge bulk of the SWCE population, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to make new friends.


First day of SWCE 2023 was super fun #starwars #swce #shakemyhandincharacter #lightsaber #jedi #sith

♬ Cantina Bar Theme (From “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope”) – Geek Music

If you’re particularly lucky, you might even find those cosplayers who embody the spirit of their characters, so far as to start offering directions and aid to lost attendees.

However, because it’s such a fulfilling event with plenty on offer for Star Wars fans both old and new, that means there are a lot of people – and therefore a lot of queues. With some questionable entertainment in place for those waiting in them.

Nonetheless, despite the downsides, it’s still an event with an electric atmosphere and, of course, the all-important announcements that invite fans to get excited about the future of the franchise.

Featured image: Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023


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