Disney just made a ‘real’ lightsaber


Disney has unveiled a new ‘lightsaber’ that will be used for immersive Star Wars experiences at Disney Resorts.

Showcasing the lightsaber currently used in Disney’s immersive hotel experience Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser at Disney World Resort in Florida last year, the tool does look a lot like an actual Star Wars weapon.

While most cosplay or collectible lightsabers that you can get in real life have a metal, plastic, or glass rod for a blade, this one appears to be purely a handle, with a light coming out the end when activated. This is, of course, much closer to the fictional lightsabers we see all our favourite Jedis wield in the Star Wars universe.

Josh D’Amaro, Disney’s parks and experiences chairman, was excited to wield the ‘real’ lightsaber, saying ‘I have the coolest job in the world’ as he activated it. He showcased its potential alongside Leslie Evans, who runs R&D for Disney Imagineering, at SXSW this week.

According to Deadline, she told the crowd: “This was a hard project. This was not easy.”

With the lightsaber already in use at some interactive experiences at Disney’s Florida resort, the unveiling of the prop at SXSW could signify that more appearances from the blade are on their way.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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