Jon Favreau has an idea for a Star Wars: The Mandalorian ride


A Star Wars: The Mandalorian theme park ride is something show creator Jon Favreau already has some ideas about.

As if Star Wars: The Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau didn’t already have enough on his plate, the writer and director of the hit Disney+ show even has some thoughts regarding potential spin-off projects. Once such idea was recently-discussed with IMDb, with Favreau revealing what his version of a Star Wars: The Mandalorian theme park ride could look like.

“I’d probably do something that’s very immersive,” said Favreau. “I’d probably do something with haptics worked in. I’d probably use assets that we use in The Volume (to create the show). Even when you’re just sitting there (in The Volume), it feels like a ride. It’d almost be like half behind-the-scenes and half a ride.”

“I know when I was younger, I loved when they pulled the curtain back on the effects of the movies. It really made me probably want to do what I’m doing now, so I think that there should be an educational component, but not educational like a museum reading a plaque — educational, like, sitting here, feel this, and here’s how we did it.”

What Favreau is describing certainly sounds a lot like Smuggler’s Run, the Star Wars attraction that can currently be experienced at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks, but here’s hoping that a version of this potential ride does still become a reality at some point in the future.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 3 is currently streaming on Disney+ for all subscribers, with episode 3 (Chapter 19) due to drop tomorrow.

Image: Star Wars


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