Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 Collecting Track medallions confirmed


All 20 Collecting Track medallions available at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 event have been revealed.

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 is now mere days away, with the highly-anticipated fan gathering taking place from April 7-10 at ExCel London. Thousands will be descending on the location to attend numerous panels, line up for celebrity autographs and scour the show floor for exclusive collectibles.

Some of the most popular panels at Star Wars Celebration events take place at the Collecting Track stage, where fans can find out all about the history of Star Wars merchandise, learn how to trade with others and meet with like-minded collectors. One of the highlights of the show is the ability for fans to pick up a full set of medallions, with a different one given out for free at each panel over the four-day period.

The good news is that these items are back once more for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023, with a total of 20 such collectibles to hunt down. The medallions each feature a classic Kenner/Palitoy Star Wars action figure on one side, with information on the characters and a Return of the Jedi 40th anniversary logo on the reverse.

The full Collecting Track schedule for this year’s show can be viewed here or on the official Star Wars Celebration Europe 2023 mobile app. Dedicated fans who make it to every panel at the event will be able to pick up all of the medallions at the event or otherwise have to fill in any gaps in their collections from the secondary market at a later date.

Images: Star Wars/Star Wars Celebration Collecting Track


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