What Powers Lightsabers?


At the heart of every lightsaber is a kyber crystal, a rare and powerful Force-attuned crystal that serves as the core component. Kyber crystals are primarily found in the sacred Jedi temple on Ilum, though they can also be discovered in other locations across the galaxy.

The Force Connection

Kyber crystals possess a unique connection to the Force, resonating with its energy. This connection allows Force-sensitive individuals, such as Jedi and Sith, to attune and bond with the crystal, effectively establishing a link between the wielder and the weapon. This bond is an essential aspect of lightsaber construction and activation.

The Focused Energy Source

While the kyber crystal provides the Force-related aspect of a lightsaber’s power, it requires an external energy source to function as a weapon. This energy is generated by a power cell or power pack located within the hilt of the lightsaber. This power source provides the necessary electrical energy to activate and sustain the blade.

Activation and Containment Field

When a Jedi or Sith activates a lightsaber, a series of events occur. The power from the energy source is channeled into the kyber crystal, which, in turn, creates a containment field of intense energy. This energy is then emitted through a focusing lens, resulting in the creation of a distinct and lethal blade of plasma, contained within a magnetic field.

Image: Star Wars


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