What were the animals racing at Canto Bight?


In “Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi” (2017), Canto Bight, the city of high-stakes gambling and opulence, features thrilling races with creatures known as Fathiers.

Introducing the Fathiers

Fathiers, also known as “space horses” among fans, are large, quadrupedal creatures that resemble a blend of horses and greyhounds with long ears, expressive eyes, and a coat of sleek, smooth fur. They are incredibly swift, capable of reaching high speeds that make them perfect for the high-speed racing popular in Canto Bight.

Fathier Racing in Canto Bight

Canto Bight’s elite frequent the city’s racetracks to bet on their favorite Fathiers. The creatures are known for their agility and speed, making the races highly exciting and unpredictable. These races are one of the main attractions in the city, contributing significantly to its reputation as a hub of entertainment.

The Dark Side of the Glamour

Despite the glamour and thrill associated with Fathier racing, it has a darker side. The Fathiers are often harshly treated and exploited for the entertainment of Canto Bight’s wealthy patrons. Additionally, the stables are typically managed by underprivileged children known as stable kids, who dream of a life far from the confines of the racetracks.

Our Thoughts

Fathiers add a unique aspect to the diverse fauna of the Star Wars universe. Although they provide the thrilling spectacle of racing at Canto Bight, their treatment reveals the city’s underlying exploitation. Despite their challenging circumstances, the Fathiers and their caretakers embody the theme of hope and dreams of freedom, central tenets of the Star Wars saga.

Image: Star Wars


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