Who Played Ahsoka Tano in Star Wars?


Ahsoka Tano, an iconic character from the Star Wars universe, has been brought to life by two talented actresses, each contributing to the development and embodiment of this character in their own unique ways. Ashley Eckstein provided the voice for Ahsoka in animation, while Rosario Dawson embodied the live-action version of the character.

Ashley Eckstein: The Voice of Ahsoka Tano

Ashley Eckstein was the first actress to bring Ahsoka Tano to life, providing the character’s voice in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars: Rebels.

The Clone Wars

Eckstein’s work with Ahsoka began in 2008 with “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.” As the voice of Ahsoka, Eckstein helped mold the young Togruta into a beloved figure in the Star Wars universe. Through her voice work, Eckstein was able to convey Ahsoka’s growth from a young, somewhat naive Padawan to a seasoned warrior questioning the principles of the Jedi Order.

Star Wars: Rebels

Following the conclusion of The Clone Wars, Eckstein reprised her role as Ahsoka in the animated series “Star Wars: Rebels.” Set 14 to 19 years after The Clone Wars, the series sees a more mature and experienced Ahsoka working under the codename ‘Fulcrum’ to aid the Rebellion against the Empire.

Rosario Dawson: The Live-Action Ahsoka Tano

While Eckstein crafted Ahsoka’s character in animation, actress Rosario Dawson brought the character into live-action.

The Mandalorian

Dawson made her debut as Ahsoka in the second season of “The Mandalorian,” in the episode titled “The Jedi.” Dawson’s portrayal of the character was met with widespread acclaim from both fans and critics, praising her for successfully capturing Ahsoka’s spirit and essence, as well as the physicality of the role.

Ahsoka: The Disney+ Series

Following her appearance in The Mandalorian, it was confirmed that Dawson would continue to portray Ahsoka in her own self-titled live-action series on Disney+, “Ahsoka.” This series will further explore the character’s story post-The Mandalorian and is highly anticipated by Star Wars fans.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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