For the Fans by the Fans


“Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you had a community-driven site where folks could write about Star Wars.”

That’s always been the mission of Jedinet, so this latest development is just part of the natural evolution of a Star Wars based website. Again, it is regrettable that content on this site has been scarce as of late, and for various reasons my contribution has has been lax lately. But with a fresh start, I’m resolved to change that. I’d like to encourage everyone out there, the loyal readers of Jedinet, to register and contribute news and information. The internet is changing, and there’s still a lively community out there. Things are a lot more interactive now.

For the moment, if you have Star Wars related news or information and wish to see it posted here, you may contact me at my temporary address via fazimoto at gmail dot com. Otherwise you’re welcome to join and post away!


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