WIRED Magazine Features Star Wars Continuity God


Creative Commons License photo credit: maggie loves hopey

You ask anyone in the Star Wars Universe, and they’ll say the Force is what surrounds them. It penetrates them. It binds their Galaxy together.

Yes, my friends, the Force is good. And the Force has a name: Leland Chee. According to the upcoming September issue of WIRED Magazine, he’s the dude that says what’s what in the Star Wars ‘verse. Officially, his title is Continuity Database Administrator, but we all know that’s corporate-speak for “the Force itself.”

Meet Leland Chee, the keeper of the truth for the entire Star Wars franchise. The continuity database administrator for Lucas Licensing, Chee maintains a massive 30,000-entry FileMaker system that tracks almost every film, book, action figure, and videogame in the Star Wars galaxy. As WIRED senior editor Chris Baker reports, it’s Chee’s job to rule on what’s official and what’s not. “Someone has to be able to say ‘Luke Skywalker would not have that color of lightsaber,” Chee says.

Thanks to Christina for the heads up!

Check it out on Wired.com:


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