Andor director heartbroken not to return for second season


Andor director Benjamin Caron shared his sorrow at not being able to return to the Star Wars show for its second season.

Speaking to Radio Times, Caron explained that scheduling conflicts mean that he won’t return to the Star Wars show, leaving it instead in the capable hands of showrunner Tony Gilroy.

“Sadly, I can’t go back for season 2, because I’m here doing promotion for the movie,” Caron said. “But it broke my heart and I know that Tony [Gilroy] and I really wanted to continue that journey that he started so brilliantly.”

Nonetheless, Caron clearly has fond memories of his time working on Andor and believes that it carved out a special place in the franchise.

“I’m incredibly proud of the response,” the director said. “You hold this show really close to your heart, and you put so much love and effort into making it as good as it can be.

“I go back to when I read those first scripts by Tony, they just blew my mind. I think he sort of created this sort of Dickensian world of Star Wars where there were no lightsabers, there was no Darth Vader, and there didn’t even seem to be The Force.

“And yet, he had somehow kind of tapped into a nostalgia about what was great about the original Star Wars.”

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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