Andor’s visual effects included clues to the fate of the Death Star


Andor’s Visual Effects Supervisor Scott Pritchard revealed that one artist added extra visual effects details that hint at the Death Star’s explosive future.

While taking part in a recent interview with the Before and Afters magazine, Pritchard discussed the dramatic Death Star shots that concluded the first season of Andor. These images confirmed that what Cassian and the other prison inmates were building was actually the parts to the enormous weapon he would one day go on to destroy.

“One of the artists working on the Death Star shots, Timothee Maron, he actually put in some details in the very background of one of the shots, that were these little blocks which were cast modular pieces from the original Death Star trench run,” Pritchard remembered. “He never told me about it, and then I saw it in dailies.

“I was like, ‘Is that…?’ He was like, ‘Yeah. That is.’ That was one of the best moments in the entire show, when you know people are really bought into it, and you get ideas just bubbling up from the artists.”

Even though those shots were only on screen for a few short minutes, the level of care and detail that went into the show’s visual effects is impressive. With the second season already in production and as the show moves along the timeline and gets closer to Rogue One, we’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any more hints or references to other Star Wars titles and events.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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