New The Mandalorian poster confirms uniform episode release dates


Unlike The Bad Batch, it’s now confirmed that The Mandalorian will be released evenly, with one new episode each week.

The Australian/New Zealand Star Wars Facebook page released a new poster for The Mandalorian, showing Din Djarin standing in an epic pose with the Darksaber, alongside Grogu tucked away safely in the N-1 Starfighter.

Below the galaxy’s best father-son duo, the episode air dates for the third season of the show are laid out, highlighting that it will be a regular one-per-week release.

This is in contrast to many Disney titles, such as Star Wars: The Bad Batch, for example. The animated series launched with two episodes and included another two-episode drop for the mid-season climax.

The regular release dates could reflect the smaller number of episodes, with just eight to come in comparison to The Bad Batch’s 16. With less time to tell the story, the writing will likely be tighter, not needing or having the space to indulge in two-episode story arcs.

It’s also slightly more in line with the older audiences, with many more serious or adult-leaning TV shows preferring to release episodes weekly, rather than in batches. Whatever the reason behind it, it means we’ll get a full eight weeks of The Mandalorian, taking us all the way through to April 19.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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