There’s an extra pressing reason to go to Star Wars Celebration 2023


In a post encouraging people to attend Star Wars Celebration 2023, it was announced that the event wouldn’t happen again until 2025. tucked away a disappointing announcement in a promotional article about this year’s Star Wars Celebration, saying that the annual event is ‘not taking place until 2025’.

Not letting it dampen the mood for this year,  Star Wars went on to say this is all the more reason to attend this year’s celebration and that it will give fans ‘plenty of time to work on your cosplay, refine your Wookiee roar, and sharpen your lightsaber skills’.

There’s been no further information on exactly why 2024 will be skipped. It could be that Lucasfilm is gearing up for an even bigger Vader-themed year, to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Revenge of the Sith, as well as the 10th anniversary since The Force Awakens premiered.

The Star Wars Celebration usually features a number of celebrity appearances, panels, and announcements about upcoming projects within the Star Wars franchise. This year, it’s believed that an announcement will be made for another Star Wars film, but that’s far from confirmed.

Featured image: Lucasfilm


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