Star Wars film announcement expected at Star Wars celebration


With Star Wars’ recent focus on TV shows, news of an upcoming film from the franchise is believed to finally be on its way.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, an announcement is expected to be made at the Star Wars Celebration, held from May 26 to May 29. What’s more, the movie could be entering pre-production as easily as April or May of this year, reports The Direct.

Numerous names are attached to different theatrical titles from Star Wars, including Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi and Damon Lindelof. It’s therefore unclear which project this will be referring to, with all details kept under wraps.

Various rumours have been flying about Lindelof’s project, including that it could centre around a POC character. However, the most recent bit of information was that the movie had been axed, although that’s unconfirmed. We’ll likely have to wait for the Celebration itself before we know anything definitively.

The back and forth between different projects reportedly comes down to “a culture of fear and indecision” at Lucasfilm, according to a report from Puck. Indeed, the reception of the sequel trilogy was far from positive for many Star Wars fans, so it’s understandable for the studio to be nervous about getting the next title right.

The Star Wars Celebration will also feature a number of celebrity guests, including Kenobi’s Ewan McGregor.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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