The Mandalorian cameo stars celebrate their entrance to Star Wars


The Mandalorian’s latest episode, Chapter 22: Guns for Hire, saw several famous faces appear as Din Djarin and Grogu visited Plazir-15.

The most notable stars were Lizzo and Jack Black, playing the Duchess and Captain Bombardier respectively, the leaders of Plazir-15. In extravagant outfits and both exemplifying huge personalities (for which they’re known outside of the show), they both certainly made an impact during their short showtimes.

Lizzo, in particular, spent a lot of time with Grogu, with him taking a shine to her and using the Force to ensure she won the space version of bowls. Tweeting after the show, Lizzo reflected on how much this appearance meant to her, as a long-time Star Wars fan. She also mentioned her late father, a fellow fan who would have loved to see her in the role.

It’s not just Lizzo who was excited to star in the show, however. Back to the Future’s Christopher Lloyd also played a key role as Commissioner Helgait, the mystery villain of the episode.

His celebration of the role is slightly more low-key than Lizzo’s, simply writing: “Hi Star Wars”

He followed up with a reply to his own tweet, signing off as “- Commissioner Helgait”.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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