The Mandalorian finale is set to both entertain and upset fans, according to cast and crew


According to voices from the show, the season finale of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian is set to be a painful one.

The season finale of any show is filled with a mix of emotions. We can almost always expect some sort of painful resolution, happiness, and a whole host of feelings in between – and none less so than with The Mandalorian.

Speaking at Star Wars Celebration Europe, the show’s producer Dave Filoni shared what he thinks that fans will think of the third season finale.

“[Fans] will have a lot to take in,” he told Collider during the three-day event. “I think with any good ending there’s the moment you’re in it when you’re cheering and you feel satisfied, but then there’s a little bit after that where you think back at all the things that happened.

“Maybe you start to put them together in a different way and you realize it’s an ending, but there are other things happening out there in the galaxy that now you know more about.”

This suggests that the upcoming episode will feature both conclusive events and leave the door open for future tie-ins, whether that’s in the fast-approaching Ahsoka series or in the far-off MandoVerse movie that Filoni is also at the helm of.

Safe to say there’ll be a lot to digest – and according to Din Djarin stunt double Brendan Wayne, there’ll be a lot of emotions to handle as well.

“This next episode is gonna make you wish you hadn’t asked for more,” Wayne wrote on his Instagram Stories. “It might just hurt too much.”

This has led some to worry that the titular Mandalorian, Din Djarin, could be about to make a rather permanent exit. It’s certainly not looking good for Pedro Pascal’s character, currently captured by Moff Gideon and separated from Grogu, Bo Katan, and his covert. With no casting announcements made about who will return for Season 4 of The Mandalorian (although it’s already been written), it’s anyone’s guess who will make it out of the finale alive.

What’s more, with an ever-growing focus on Bo Katan and the other Mandalorians, as well as Grogu stepping further into Mandalorian culture, it’s debatable whether Din Djarin remains the main character at all. Has the show grown into a more ensemble cast? Does the title refer to the group, or even to a different Mando from Din Djarin now? You can certainly see how it’s being set up for Din Djarin to potentially leave – but this could also be a red herring from Filoni and Favreau to distract us from the real threat.

Ultimately, we’ll have to wait for the episode to come out to discover Din Djarin’s fate, airing on Wednesday, April 19 on Disney+.

Images: Disney/Lucasfilm


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