How to Defeat Malicious in Jedi: Fallen Order


Malicos is a formidable opponent encountered in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and he can be quite challenging to defeat. However, there are several strategies that players can use to defeat him and progress through the game.

Use Cal’s Force Abilities

One key strategy when facing Malicos is to use Cal Kestis’ Force abilities to your advantage. Malicos is a skilled swordsman and can be difficult to attack head-on, but using Force push or pull can disrupt his attacks and throw him off balance. This can create openings that you can use to launch a counter-attack.

Dodges & Parries

Another important strategy when facing Malicos is to master your dodging and parrying skills. Malicos is fast and can cover a lot of ground quickly, but by paying attention to his movements and anticipating his attacks, players can dodge and parry his attacks with precision. This can create openings that you can use to launch a counter-attack and deal significant damage.

Be Smart & Use Duel Wield

During the fight with Malicos, he may become enraged and switch to dual-wielding lightsabers. When this happens, it can be useful to switch to a two-handed lightsaber grip to deal more damage and break his guard. This will also give you a longer reach and make it easier to keep your distance from him.

Dont Stop Moving

Another important strategy is to keep moving during the fight with Malicos. He can cover a lot of ground quickly and is adept at closing distances between you, so keeping moving around the arena can help you avoid his attacks and create opportunities to strike back.

Attack when Malicos is Hurt

It is important to take advantage of any openings that Malicos presents during the fight. After certain attacks, he will have a brief recovery period where he is vulnerable to attacks. This is the perfect time to launch a counter-attack and deal some damage.

Defeating Malicos in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order requires a combination of precision, strategy, and skill. By using your Force abilities, mastering your dodging and parrying skills, switching to a two-handed lightsaber grip, keeping moving, and taking advantage of openings, players can defeat Malicos and continue their journey through the game.

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