How To Fast Travel in Fallen Order

Fast Travel Fallen Order

Fast travel is a convenient feature in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order that allows players to quickly move between different locations without having to traverse the entire map. Here’s how to fast travel in the game.

Activate meditation points

In order to fast travel, players must first activate meditation points throughout the game. These points are marked by blue circles on the map and can be found in various locations. To activate a meditation point, approach it and interact with it.

Access the map

Once you have activated a meditation point, access the game map by pressing the button assigned to it (by default, this is the Tab key on PC). This will bring up the map, which shows your current location and the locations of other meditation points you have discovered.

Choose a destination

Using the map, select the meditation point you wish to travel to. Once you have selected a destination, press the button assigned to it (by default, this is the E key on PC) to initiate the fast travel.

Watch the cutscene

After initiating fast travel, a cutscene will play showing Cal Kestis meditating and then arriving at his destination. During this time, players cannot take any actions or control the character.

Exit the meditation point

Once the cutscene is over, players will be at the destination meditation point. To exit the point and continue playing, approach the exit and interact with it.https:

Fast travel in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a useful feature that allows players to quickly move between different locations. By activating meditation points, accessing the map, choosing a destination, watching the cutscene, and exiting the meditation point, players can use fast travel to save time and simplify their exploration of the game world.

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