How do you complete Star Wars Jedi Survivor – The Escape – Chapter 1 – Mission 2?


The Escape, a pivotal main story mission in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, consists of various distinct objectives that must be accomplished to progress:

  • Defeat The Ninth Sister
  • Rendezvous with Bravo and Bode
  • Clean Up the Mantis

As you embark on The Escape, the thrilling second mission in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, the events unfold immediately after the conclusion of the first mission, The Heist. Upon reaching the initial meditation point, you’ll venture into a space occupied by two Probe Droids. Defeat these mechanical menaces and brace yourself for a new, formidable enemy: the Purge Trooper.

Purge Troopers pose a heightened challenge compared to the standard Stormtroopers you’ve encountered thus far. They possess enhanced agility, the ability to unleash swift and powerful combo attacks, and can quickly overpower you if you fail to evade their strikes.

While the Purge Troopers may initially seem daunting, mastering the intricacies of the game’s combat system will enable you to prevail. Once you’ve triumphed over these adversaries, you’ll advance to the next area and unlock the Confuse ability. Engage in battle with a group of fodder enemies and a gunner, whom you can cleverly evade by utilizing the cover provided by nearby boxes.

Dispatch all the foes in the area and proceed through the door to continue your journey. Before long, you’ll reach the next meditation point, providing you with a moment of respite and the opportunity to strengthen your connection to the Force. After interacting with the meditation point, a cinematic sequence will unfold, immersing you in a thrilling confrontation against a horde of troopers. Only after vanquishing these adversaries will you face the formidable Ninth Sister, a pivotal encounter in your quest.

Be ready for intense battles, strategic combat, and the relentless pursuit of survival as you progress through The Escape in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Defeat the Ninth Sister

Prepare yourself for an intense encounter with the formidable Ninth Sister, one of the early-game boss battles in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. In the initial phase, she exhibits a similar moveset to her appearance in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. However, exercise caution and avoid becoming overly aggressive. Take your time, focus on precision, and chip away at her stun gauge to unleash devastating damage.

Transitioning to the Second Phase: Unleashing the Unrelenting

As the battle progresses and you successfully diminish the Ninth Sister’s health to 75%, the fight enters its challenging second phase. Brace yourself for a relentless onslaught as most of the Ninth Sister’s attacks become unblockable, leaving you with the options of precise dodges or well-timed parries. If you’re not confident with parrying, rely on evasive dodges to evade her assaults. Be particularly wary of her lunge attack, which can be avoided by skillfully side-strafing.

The Final Phase: Unleashing the Power of Dual Stance

When the Ninth Sister’s health dwindles below 50%, the battle escalates to its third and final phase. This stage presents an even greater test of your abilities, but with careful strategy, it remains conquerable. Unlock the Dual Stance, a pivotal combat technique that will serve as the key to vanquishing this formidable opponent. Channel your strength, seize the moment, and emerge victorious.

Prepare yourself for an arduous clash with the Ninth Sister in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Stay focused, master your dodges and parries, and utilize the Dual Stance to overcome this challenging boss encounter. May the Force guide you to triumph!

Rendezvous with Bravo and Bode

After emerging victorious in your battle against the Ninth Sister, Star Wars Jedi Survivor propels you forward, transitioning seamlessly into the next area. Your next task involves utilizing the invaluable assistance of BD-1 to extinguish the flames obstructing your pathway to progress. Once the flames are quelled, forge ahead, and discover a new meditation point to restore your strength.

From the meditation point, venture forth to a platform that demands your adept wall-running skills. Traverse the wall with agility, propelling yourself towards the next area. Upon reaching the opposite side of the platform, brace yourself to confront two Stormtroopers and a formidable Purge Trooper. Dispatch these adversaries swiftly as you continue your journey. Progress forward by traversing monkey bars and utilizing your grappling ability to access the adjacent platform.

As you press on, you will gracefully descend upon Hangar 2046-C, where yet another meditation point awaits your arrival. With renewed focus, push forward, venturing into another segment of the hangar. Here, you will reunite with your loyal crewmates and face an onslaught of enemies. Take heart, for your comrades will provide invaluable assistance in eliminating the troopers threatening your path.

Embrace the challenges that lie ahead, traverse the hangar, and rely on your skills and the support of your crewmates to overcome the trials that await you in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. May the Force guide your journey to victory!

Clean Up the Mantis

As you approach the culmination of Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s first chapter, your final objective beckons: cleaning the Mantis and collecting vital resources along the way. This critical task sets the stage for your next adventure. Let’s dive into the details.

Begin by seeking out a new and distinctive skin for BD-1. Make your way to the bar area, where this valuable upgrade awaits. Take the time to locate and acquire this coveted addition to BD-1’s appearance, adding a touch of personalization to your trusty companion.

With BD-1’s enhancement secured, turn your attention to the workbench. Here, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. Upgrade your weapons to unlock their true potential, and indulge in the art of customization. Tailor the appearances of BD-1, Cal, and your lightsabers to suit your unique style and preferences. Immerse yourself in the intricate process, knowing that every adjustment serves to refine your arsenal.

Once your work at the workbench is complete, a sense of readiness permeates the air. Take your place in the cockpit, settling into the pilot’s seat at the front of the Mantis. As the ship roars to life, prepare for departure. The next destination awaits—Koboh beckons. With the conclusion of the first chapter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, a new chapter of your journey is about to unfold.

Embrace the path that lies ahead, fully equipped and attuned to the Force. The Mantis is primed, and the galaxy awaits your presence. Embark on this adventure with unwavering resolve and the knowledge that your actions shall shape the fate of the Jedi in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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