Mark Hamill will sell signed Star Wars posters to raise money for Ukraine


For the first time in six years, Mark Hamill will sell signed Star Wars memorabilia, as part of efforts to raise money for Ukraine.

Speaking exclusively to Politico, Hamill shared that the proceeds from the posters will go toward maintaining the Ukrainian army’s drone supply by donating money to the country’s fundraising platform United24.

“We decided to sign Star Wars posters, a limited amount,” the Star Wars actor said. “For real hardcore collectors–especially those that have disposable income–you can get way more money…than you would imagine.”

There’s no confirmation on exactly how the posters will be sold, although Hamill suggests in the interview that a competition or auction could be one way forward. The sale is expected to start as early as next week, almost exactly one year on from when conflict in Ukraine first began, on February 24.

This marks the first time that Hamill has sold autographed items since 2017 and the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Other celebrities, such as the band, Imagine Dragons, and Barbra Streisand, are also taking part in the project and have been named as ambassadors for United24.

The actor told the publication that he is “thrilled” that the fundraising effort has evolved to a “massive, worldwide event”, saying that “anything I can do, however small it is, is something I feel obligated to do.”

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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