Star Wars launches Micro Galaxy Squadron Series III


Star Wars plans to launch a new series of Micro Galaxy Squadron, focusing on ships from throughout the franchise.

First launched in 2022, Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron features small-scale vehicles and characters, perfect for both play and display. The line is now due to expand with Series III

Star. Wars has offered a first look at Star WarsMicro Galaxy Squadron Series III, which adds even more new ships, heroes, and villains to the miniature series.

“I’m super-excited to introduce our first Jedi Interceptors into Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron. The action features on these ships are incredible and make for great play and display pieces,” said Jazwares Senior Brand Manager, Max Lux. “But personally, my all-time favorite Star Wars vehicle is debuting in the Starship Class: the Republic Gunship (Muunilist-10), complete with two ARC Troopers. Getting this ship into the line is a dream come true for me. Ever since I saw the first episode of the Clone Wars micro series in my college dorm room in 2003, I have LOVED the look of this vehicle.”

Here’s a look at all the ships soon to be on offer:


Series III will glide onto shelves and retail websites in the spring of 2023.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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