How Do You Complete Toydarian Trade in LEGO Star Wars?

Star Wars Lego Game

To complete the Toydarian Trade mission in LEGO Star Wars, players must navigate through a series of challenges and puzzles to successfully negotiate a trade agreement with the Toydarian people. Here is a detailed guide to help you successfully complete the mission.


To start the Toydarian Trade mission, players must first make their way to the planet of Tatooine and speak to Watto, the Toydarian junk dealer. From there, they will embark on a series of challenges and puzzles that will require strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.


Challenge 1: Repair the Broken Protocol Droids

The first challenge players will face in the Toydarian Trade mission is to repair a group of broken protocol droids. To do this, they must gather the necessary parts scattered throughout the area and use them to fix the droids. Once all of the droids have been repaired, they will activate and reveal the location of the next challenge.

Challenge 2: Navigate the Sandcrawler

The second challenge involves navigating a sandcrawler and avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way. Players must use their Jedi abilities to jump over obstacles and defeat enemies to make it to the end of the sandcrawler and continue to the next challenge.

Challenge 3: Retrieve the Stolen Power Converter

In the third challenge, players must retrieve a stolen power converter from a group of Jawas. They must navigate through a maze-like area and defeat the Jawas to retrieve the power converter.

Challenge 4: Escape the Tusken Raiders

The final challenge in the Toydarian Trade mission is to escape from a group of Tusken Raiders. Players must use their Jedi abilities to avoid obstacles and defeat the Raiders to make it to the end of the area and complete the mission.

Tips and Strategies

  • Use Jedi abilities such as the Force push and lightsaber throw to defeat enemies and overcome obstacles.
  • Pay attention to the environment and look for hidden areas and collectibles.
  • Keep an eye out for parts and other items that can be used to repair the protocol droids and other machinery.

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