How Do You Swim Underwater in Jedi: Fallen Order?


Swimming underwater is a crucial skill to master in Jedi: Fallen Order, as it is necessary to navigate certain areas and uncover hidden secrets. Here’s how to swim underwater in the game:

Step 1: Find Water

The first step to swimming underwater is to find a body of water that you can dive into. Look for areas with pools, lakes, or underground streams.

Step 2: Dive into the Water

To dive into the water, approach the edge of the water and jump in. You’ll automatically start swimming once you hit the water. You can also dive into the water from high ledges or cliffs.

Step 3: Move Underwater

Once you’re in the water, use the left stick to move around. You can also use the right stick to adjust your camera angle and look around.

Step 4: Swim Underwater

To swim underwater, press and hold the jump button while moving forward. This will cause your character to dive deeper into the water and start swimming.

Step 5: Use Your Abilities

While swimming underwater, you can use your Force abilities to navigate and solve puzzles. For example, you can use Force Push to move objects that are blocking your path or use Force Slow to slow down moving obstacles.

Step 6: Surface for Air

Your character has limited air when swimming underwater, so make sure to surface for air when needed. To surface, simply move your character up towards the water’s surface.

Swimming underwater in Jedi: Fallen Order is essential to progress through the game, and it’s a fairly straightforward process. Find a body of water, dive in, and start swimming. Don’t forget to use your Force abilities and surface for air when needed. With these tips, you’ll be swimming like a Jedi in no time!

Image: Star Wars


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