What was Poe Dameron’s old job before becoming a pilot?

Poe Dameron

Before Poe Dameron became known as one of the most skilled pilots in the Resistance, he held a different occupation in the Star Wars universe. Poe was originally a spice runner, a fact revealed in “Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker” (2019).

Poe’s Previous Occupation: Spice Running

In the Star Wars universe, spice often refers to various types of illicit substances. Spice runners are essentially smugglers who transport these goods across the galaxy, typically operating in the shadowy underworld of crime. This was Poe’s role before he joined the Resistance, and his skills as a pilot likely served him well in this line of work.

Poe’s Transformation into a Resistance Hero

The revelation of Poe’s past as a spice runner adds depth to his character. It shows that like many other characters in the Star Wars saga, Poe has a complex past that he had to overcome to become the hero we see in the Resistance. His transformation from a spice runner into a key figure in the Resistance underlines the theme of redemption and personal growth that is central to many Star Wars narratives.

Image: Star Wars


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