Which Skills Should You Unlock First in Jedi Fallen Order?


The process of upgrading and unlocking skills in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can be a bit daunting, especially during the earlier stages of the game. It is crucial to ensure that you are selecting the best skills in each category, as the wrong skills could make future combat encounters much more challenging than they need to be. This article will provide you with some of the best early game skills to unlock in Jedi Fallen Order.

Cost of Unlocking Skills

Purchasing a new skill can cost the player anywhere from 1 to 4 skill points. To put this cost into perspective, Cal earns one skill point for every new level the player achieves.

Best Early Game Skills to Unlock

Survival Skills | Survival

1 Skill Point Cal’s Maximum Life is increased.

Increasing Cal’s initial health should be your first priority, as your lack of Force skills and additional stims becomes apparent during the first two planets. For those playing on the harder difficulties, this slight increase in Cal’s maximum health will be noticeable instantly.

Improved Stims | Survival

1 Skill Point Cal recovers additional Life when using a stim canister from BD-1.

As mentioned above, Cal’s health plays a significant part in the early sections of Jedi Fallen Order. Given that health does not restore automatically, Cal can use every bit of additional Life that he can get.

Superior Blocking | Survival

1 Skill Point Cal’s defenses are improved, allowing him to take less block stamina damage from incoming attacks.

Ultimately needed to unlock the skill below, Superior Blocking is still a very handy skill to have in your arsenal, especially while continuing your journey on Zeffo and Kashyyyk, where you begin to encounter larger and more powerful groups of enemies. This skill is particularly useful when fighting multiple enemies simultaneously, as the reduced block stamina damage becomes quite apparent.

Overhead Slash | Lightsaber

1 Skill Point Unlocks a powerful strike that is deadly against weaker enemies.

Despite being needed to unlock the rest of the Lightsaber category, Overhead Slash is still a useful skill to have unlocked, as the additional power boost will play a significant part in speeding up any combat encounters that you may receive early on in the game.

Mass Push | Force

1 Skill Point Holding Push allows Cal to push groups of enemies and stagger large enemies.

When it comes to the Force, Mass Push is one of the best skills in the category, as it can drastically change the way you engage in combat. It opens up plenty of strategic combat moves, making it one of the first skills to consider unlocking, especially if you’re struggling to take down larger, more powerful enemies.

Dash Strike | Lightsaber

1 Skill Point Cal dashes forward and attacks his target. Jump while dashing to flip over the target instead.

If you find yourself in a sticky situation and need to escape fast, the Dash Strike skill allows you to dash towards your target to potentially avoid incoming attacks from those around you. The ability also allows you to dash and flip over your targets, which is perfect for when enemies are loading up their special attacks.

Force Attunement | Force

1 Skill Point Cal’s maximum Force is increased.

This skill allows Cal to use his Force powers more frequently, making it an excellent early game skill to unlock. It’s particularly useful when dealing with larger groups of enemies, as it allows you to use Force powers more frequently without running out of Force energy.

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