Who Is Keeve Trennis?

Keeve Trennis

Keeve Trennis is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. She is a Jedi Padawan who appears in various Star Wars comic book series, including Star Wars: The High Republic and Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

Background and Characterisation

Keeve Trennis was a human Jedi Padawan during the High Republic era, which is set 200 years before the events of the Skywalker Saga. She was mentored by Jedi Master Sskeer, and together they served the Jedi Order as peacekeepers and protectors of the Galactic Republic.

Trennis was known for her strong sense of justice and her dedication to the Jedi Code. She was also highly skilled in the use of a lightsaber, and was trained in various forms of combat, including the Ataru form, which emphasises acrobatics and speed.

NameKeeve Trennis
AffiliationJedi Order, Galactic Republic
LightsaberBlue blade with a curved hilt and a crossguard
AbilitiesSkilled lightsaber combatant, Force-sensitive, precognition, enhanced agility and speed
Personality TraitsDedicated, empathetic, courageous, curious, determined, occasionally impulsive and headstrong
Role in the High RepublicOne of the main characters in the “Star Wars: The High Republic” comic book series, apprentice Jedi Knight
Background and DescriptionKeeve Trennis was a young Twi’lek Jedi apprentice who served the Galactic Republic during the High Republic Era.


Keeve Trennis first appeared in “Star Wars: The High Republic” #1, a comic book series published by Marvel Comics in 2021. She has since appeared in various other comic book series set during the High Republic era, including “Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures” and “Star Wars: The High Republic: Trail of Shadows”.

In these stories, Trennis is depicted as a brave and capable Jedi Padawan who is determined to uphold the ideals of the Jedi Order. She faces various challenges and obstacles, including battles with the Nihil, a group of raiders who threaten the stability of the Republic.


Keeve Trennis has been well-received by Star Wars fans and critics, who have praised her as a strong and compelling character. Her dedication to the Jedi Code and her courage in the face of danger has made her a fan-favourite among readers of the High Republic comic book series.

Some fans have speculated that Trennis may play a larger role in the future of the Star Wars universe, perhaps even appearing in a live-action adaptation or other media. However, no official announcements have been made regarding Trennis’ future in the franchise.

Image: Star Wars


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