Star Wars’ The Acolyte star compares film sets from around the world


The Acolyte actor Lee Jung-jae has compared his experience on film sets around the world, as production for the Star Wars show continues.

Having shot to worldwide fame after starring in Squid Game, The Acolyte star compared the efficiency between making Squid Game and The Acolyte while speaking with All K-Pop,

“I was told not to talk about it as much as possible,” said Lee. “It seems that filming will run until March or April. I actually felt that in some ways, filming sets in Korea are actually more efficient. There are many aspects of the work which are similar here and in Korea, but I feel that there are areas where the Korean method is more efficient. Of course, there are aspects I am learning from as well.”

The Acolyte is Lee’s first production outside of Korea, and we imagine it would be something of a trial by fire, especially regarding secrets. Disney is the corporation behind several huge franchises, including the MCU and Starz, as well as Star Wars. As such, keeping casting, production, and plot secrets hidden from the public is something that other actors (looking at you, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo) have struggled with in the past.

Disney’s influence could also be what’s affecting efficiency. Working with huge global companies can sometimes slow down processes in any field, when compared to smaller, more agile setups.

Still, it’s hard to imagine any other company that could fund the same number of franchises to the same level, so perhaps a drop in efficiency is acceptable if it’s what gets more Star Wars titles onto our screens.

Featured image: Disney/Lucasfilm


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