Star Wars Jedi: Survivor directors describe Cal Kestis’ new enemies


Star Wars Jedi: Survivor‘s Design Director Jason de Heras and Production Director Kasumi Shishido reveal who Cal Kestis will be going up against in the game ahead of its upcoming release.

We already know that Survivor will include fast travel and a handy new feature for Cal’s right-hand droid, BD-1, but now we also have an idea of what enemies the Jedi will need to fight. Although the game’s release has been delayed, the two directors spoke to IGN to offer some drops of information to tide us over until then.

The list is made up of various different droids, with Shishido stating that the team wanted more freedom with these machines. That means we can expect to see more variety in both the droids and their abilities, including what weapons they’re equipped with. Here’s a look at all the different types of droids that will appear in the game:

  • B1 Droids: essentially cannon fodder that can be easily dispatched but still present a challenge in large numbers
  • B2 Droids: slightly more bothersome, being able to do more damage and withstand more than B1s
  • BX Droids: more agile enemies that can parry attacks and execute combo-moves
  • Droideka: behaving much as they do in the films, these present an even bigger challenge to the player, moving at speed and using a bubble shield to protect themselves
  • IG-100 Magna Guard: General Grievous’ elite guards that can attack in unusual patterns to throw the player off
  • DT Sentry Droid: you might remember these brute enemies from Rebels; they can survive losing limbs and. will keep fighting regardless
  • KX Security Droid Enforcer: equipped with a Scout Trooper’s stun batons, these hybrid droids pack quite the punch

There are also other enemies to contend with, such as the Shield Trooper. Imagine a Scout Trooper, but with the ability to last a little bit longer against the player due to its protective shield (hence the name).  What’s more, both de Haras and Shishido said that players should expect to encounter hostile wildlife on Cal’s journey, as well as the enemies listed above.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will be available to play from April 28.

Featured image: Respawn Entertainment


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