Star Wars celebrates Woman’s History Month with special comic covers


To celebrate Women’s History Month, Star Wars is paying tribute to some of the franchise’s most popular women.

A series of special variant covers for Star Wars comics have been commissioned from artist Peach Momoko by Lucasfilm and Marvel, as pictured above. They include Sabé, loyal handmaiden to Padmé Amidala, as the cover star of Darth Vader #32 (on sale March 22); Barash, the newly-introduced High Republic-era Jedi, on The High Republic – The Blade#4 (on sale March 29); and finally the leader of the Tagge Corporation, Domina Tagge, will star on Doctor Aphra#30 (on sale April 12).

Each cover showcases Momoko’s unique style, featuring watercolours and manga-influenced characters.

“It’s an honor to be working on so many covers for the Star Wars world,” Momoko said in an interview with “I love all the characters I got to draw. They each have their own uniqueness and strength that I admire.”

Momoko has created 11 stunning images in total, which will run across Marvel’s entire Star Wars line throughout March and April, joining previously-revealed Star Wars Women’s History Month covers, which you can find on the official Star Wars website.

Featured image:


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